Lung Cancer

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Lung Cancer

Post by noslen on Tue Jun 29, 2010 1:30 am

Lung cancer is the highest and worst gift given by the
smoking habit. Smoking is the cause for 90% of the lung cancer, and death due
to it.

It is the most dangerous form of disease and which
increases the increase in the number of death in each period than breast
cancer, prostate cancer etc. Itís the people over 45 years of age, who is worst
affected by lung cancer.

The peculiarity of this is that, by the time the disease
gets detected, it would have spread all over the body of the victim. The time
for treatment is hardly available and a sudden death for the patient is the
final effect. So create awareness among yourself and in others about
Smoking and lung cancer , and keep yourself
away from such bad things.

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