Tsuji and Sugiura, married

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Tsuji and Sugiura, married Empty Tsuji and Sugiura, married

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Tsuji and Sugiura, married 44512_1 Tsuji and Sugiura, married 7000 Tsuji and Sugiura, married 6099

Tsuji and Sugiura, first words on press conference is "Sorry!"

the 8th of May where the affiliated agencies of both parties have
announced the shotgun marriage and the 9-week pregnancy, former Morning
Musume Tsuji Nozomi and actor Sugiura Taiyou announced their marriage
in a press conference, on the 10th May 4p.m. in Takawa Hotel, Tokyo.

14 cable cameras and 100 press journalists watching on, the "heroine"
appeared before them, donned in a white dress and a mysterious
expression, saying "Although this is sudden, apologies for causing
inconvenience and worry to the fans and related personnels. Please
watch over us warmly from now on."

The "hero" Sugiura who is 7
years older, revealed that he presented an engagement ring and proposed
to Tsuji on his birthday 26th March, adding that "To her(Tsuji) fans
and related personnel, sorry for the trouble caused. We have been
dating each other, and had the notion for marriage since January this

[This paragraph elaborates the history of Aibon's
scandal, W, the theatre double cast with Ishikawa and the replacement
by Yoshizawa... bla bla bla..]

Furthermore, Tsuji will register into his family when she reach 20 years of age next month.

Tsuji and Sugiura, married Asami02

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