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division has successfully done the work. As proof of our competence in public
relation work, we sold out all the tickets in a very short time. We also worked
closely with fund division to get sponsorships from many institutions. The

Tinunit…tinunit…titititit !

That sound stopped me from delivering
my presentation in front of many people. With embarrassment, I took the
handphone from my pocket. I should have set the mailbox before I started my

But I was really surprised whwn I saw
the message, an SMS, which said: I named you Adzan.

I was completely confused and asked to
myself what this meant. I knew that my named was Adzan but what was wrong with
it? And I did not know the sender because the number was totally unknown to my


Tony, the chairman of the committee,
called my named. At once, I realized that I was still in front of many people
explaining my work on the music event, which was held two weeks ago by the
student’s association. My friends always thought that I would be a natural
leader for such event.

“Mm… the detail report can be seen in
the paper previously distributed.” I paused, “Any questions with the report?”

And then, a girl with a white veil
raised her hand. She was Salma, the leader of the health division.

“As the leader on human relation
division, what do you think of the accident thet happened? We know that the
event was intended for students of our
campus only. But how come some strangers who were drunk could come to the
event, made

disturbance, and injured on of our friends, Irfan.”

Yes, there was an accident. But…was it
my fault? “I think such an accident is regular occurrence at the musical

“ What?! It was just a usual thing?!
How about the accidents, which happened in the last two music events? Were they
usual things too? No! and the accident now?”

“ It wasn’t my responsibility.” I said.

“ not your responsibility? You should
have selected people who entered the hall; and checked whether they were
students of our campus or not.”

“ I have done it! “

“ Stop! “ Tom cut meddled in our words
of fight.

“ Don’t fight about it anymore. It’s
our responsibility and we will discuss it later.”

Tinunit…tinunit…titititit !

That sound interrupted Tony’s sentence.
All the impatient eyes were watching me.

I named you Adzan.

That statement again! And it was the
second timeit happened. Why did it happened to me? Who was the sender? Why did
the sender tell me this kind of the message? Why? Why?

During the rest of the meeting, I only
thought about the statement, and not considering Salma’s statement because the
accidend was not my fault. There was just too many question related to that
message in my head so that I could not sit stiffly in the corner of meeting

The meeting came to an end and all the
people went home because the day was getting dark. In the windy afternoon I
also went home on foot accompanied by Haris, a friend who lived in the same
direction with me.

“ Are you OK? “ Haris asked me.

“ Why did you asked me that? “

“ I’m just worried for you because you
look so pale since the meeting, especially since you got a message at the first
time and paler at the second one.”

“ No, I’m alrigth. “ I avoided telling
him my true feeling.

“ Or you’re angry with Salma! “

“ No! it was not my fault. So, why
should I be angry about it! “

“ So, the messages disturbed you?”

“ Well…actually the messages, the
strange messages, disturb my mind.”

“ The strange messages? “ He was

“ There were two messages, which had
the same statement.”

“ What’s that? “ Haris’s voice level
was getting higher.

“ I named you Adzan.”

“ After listening to my last sentence,
Haris could not speak at all. He was just like someone doing a very complicated
mathematics problem. For a few moments we were quiet.

“ I think it was just a joke.” Haris
spoke, trying to ease the situation.

“ But why did it come two times? “ I
disagreed to what he said.

“ Do you know thw sender? “

“ No, it was completely anonymous.”

“ Oh…? “

Tinunit…tinunit…titititit !

“ Maybe is the message again. “ Haris
said with a curiosity.

“ Let’s check it! “

I named you Adzan.

“ Can you see that? “ I showed him the

The quiet atmosphere again arround us.
We tried to guess the meaning of the statement was. But I could not think
clearly this time.

“ Well Zan, I think the sender wants
you to realize the meaning of your name by using the message. Your name is
adzan, which means a call to prayer. Shakespeare said, ‘what’s in a name’, but
most parents say that name is a prayer. The prayer is always good for us. So,
don’t worry about it anymore, OK! “

haris’ words helped me to think clearly
again. I agreed with Haris that a name was just a prayer. I thought the sender
wanted to say prayer for me however, or maybe, he sent it as a joke. So I did
not want to think about it anymore.

After a few hundreds meters, we parted
because the last way toward our homes was different. The sun set nicely in the
western sky, shining its orange light. The cloud started appearing hindering
the sun. the win was still blowing. I was just walking alone toward my place
through the way I always passed.

“ Adzan! “

The landlady’s voice shouted my name
loudly when I had just arrived in front of my bedroom. I immediately approached
the source of that voice.

“ There is a telegram for you. It came
a few minutes ago. “ She raised her hand holding a green envelope.

I took the telegram from her hand. It
looked to be a serious message. I opened the envelope as I was walking toward
my room after saying thanks to my landlady. When I arrived at my room, I
finally read it.

I named you Adzan.

I named you Adzan because you were born
when the prayer call of Subuh was being voice beautifully from the mosque. The
prayer call invites people to come to mosque and to face their God. I hope that
you can remind people to act truthfully in this life as the prayer call does.

Happy the 19th birthday,

Rabi’ul tsani 30th, 1423 H

Your Father

I could only consuder that message as a
birthday card from my father who lived outside my town. I had never known my birthday’s
Islamic date, even though I’m a moslem. I just lied down in this dark bedroom.


Maybe father wanted to say Happy
birthday to me by that statement again. Thank’s father! But no, the message was
from Toni.

Irfan is in a hospital. He is seriously

“Oh, no!”

I could not speak at all after reading
that message. What should I do? My name is Adzan, which means a prayer call,
but I always called people to come to music event where disturbance always
happened and people were injured. I’m sorry, Irfan; I will visit you tomorrow.
And I’m sorry God, I had never met You in a deep prayer. The tears slowly
dropped down my cheeks..

Allahuakbar Allahuakbar…

That sound stopped my teardrops. It was
voiced from the small mosque near my place. O God, it was the most beautiful I
had ever heard. It guided me to stand up, to take wudhu, and to go to mosque
for praying together with my brother.

Eventhough my name was Adzan, which
called me to voice prayer call, for this time I could only go to the mosque
answering the prayer call. At last, I was the deep sujud, facing and talking
with my Creator.

Subhanarobial a’la wa bihamdihi…


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