art of converting movie wut smart movie converter

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art of converting movie wut smart movie converter

Post by Admin on Tue Oct 30, 2007 8:15 pm

I think there must be many people like me who have used
both smartphones of Symbian & microsoft smartphone. And we all know that
Symbian is not as good as smartphone in multimedia.

Before I turn to Symbian, I have used Pocket PC &
smartphone for a long time.

For a while, I thought that switching to Symbian is a bad

The movie playered with realplayer is small, unclear
& smothless!

Then comes the smartmovie, although it's better than
realplayer, still far away behind the BetaPlayer for Pocket PC &

The wickness of smartmovie are:

The convert audion setting is limited to 32Hz &

Unable to play movie smothly.


I do not believe & accept this.

I've tried so many ways to improve it.

At last

There is a hope!


You must have the smartmovie converter full version
installed on your PC.

try to use the latest one for better results.

You can see the circled postion in the screenshot.

The codec is ffdshow

Download & install the codec.

The audion setting will be talked about later.

After finishing the steps,

Enter the Configure option.

Select ffdshow video encoder

then the Option

and choose MPEG 4 in the encoder option

and choose XVID in the FOURCC option

and choose one pass - quality in the Mode option

The next 2 settings are depanding on what phone you use

Ex.6600 CPU 104 Mhz

7610 6260 6670 124 mhz

6620 CPU 150 Mhz

Higher the CPU is better it will be

Make your own setting (6620 is the testing one here)

Quality is based on the original movie in %

Some may up to 95% but the 90% is the safest one in my

As to the Maximum I frame interval, my suggestion is 256.

Now the audio setting

the file

Unzip it & copy the file lame_enc.dll to C:\Program
Files\Lonely Cat Games\SmartMovie Converter (Series 60) replacing th same file.

It is not over yet!

When you open the smartmovie to change the Audio Setting,

try to Convert movie with smartmovie, It will crash &

The solution is to set the Audio Setting to 44Hz &
320 kbps.

Then uninstall the smartmovie & install it again!

Now the crash should be gone!

Here is the sample movie convert by smartmove from DVD


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