Itís the mind that works

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Itís the mind that works Empty Itís the mind that works

Post by noslen on Sat Feb 20, 2010 1:31 pm

Hello everyone lets now think in a different way. we have
discussed about the techniques and Best ways to
quit smoking
. Now lets think from an another angle, from the angle, with
a true and clear mind.

Why canít we change the way we think. Rather than medicines
and the support of anyone else it is the determination of our mind that makes
us to make a clear decision. When you seriously think of something, whether it
is to quit smoking or about anything else, make your mind aware that, you are
going to do something for your own well being, through which the society is
also going to gain.

We can make others aware of the sin, only if our part is
clear and precise. So if you yourself find the bad thing in you, and you
yourself work to change you, itís a great thing as well as a great example to
the society who is always anxious about the practices of people in it. So itís
the mind that should have determination. Make your mind strong, tell yourself
that you have to change and you are going to change.

Let our action be an example to a whole society, let it be a
new experiment to everyone.

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