[UPDATED 13/02/08] -Kumara WM 6.1 Last Present- (OS CE 5.2.1

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[UPDATED 13/02/08] -Kumara WM 6.1 Last Present- (OS CE 5.2.1

Post by Admin on Thu Feb 21, 2008 3:54 am

Let me introduce it,.

This is my 5th ROM after "Kumara TOUCH WM6 Premium", and i gave my 5th
ROM name "Kumara WM 6.1 Last Present (because i wont cook again, i have
atom no more,.)",.

What makes me built it??
- It have new (OS CE 5.2.19199 Build 19199.1.0.0)

- and it is Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional based,.

so, this ROM is for XDA ATOM or XDA ATOM PURE ONLY,.

Its not like the first, second, and third ROM, this is nor a clean ROM anymore, I have add:

Standard apps:
- WM5Torage v1.78
- Arcsoft MMS v4.2.8.1
- Esmertec Java v2.1
- Adobe Reader LE
- PIM Backup v2.8

- NetCF v3.5
- Soft Reset
- Oxios Close Apps v1.40
- Equalizer
- A2DP works with my Nokia HS-4w

Added apps:
- HTC Task Manager v2.0 (Tweaked by Me AGAIN !!!)
- HTC Home Plug 2.1.1005.722a (Finally i success porting it to ATOM, ENJOY !!!)

- HTC Audio Manager v1.02.515.718
- HTC Comm Manager Professional (Tweaked by Me)
- HTC Action Screen (Tweaked)
- HTC Touch Dual Dialer (Finally i success porting it, and Relocate Video Call to Voice Call, ENJOY !!!)

Removed apps (To raise some memory and speed):
- 1-Calc
- Windows Live
- One Note

The most Interesting things here are:

+ I made most programs and settings icon changed ---> I made the
icon myself, wasnt that cute??? (^,^) - Icons are copyrighted by Garmin

+ Relocated sound scheme (more silent, due to our ATOM speaker) !!!

+ 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Boot Screen CHANGED AGAIN !!!!!

+ NEW Wait Cursor AGAIN !!!!

+ NEW Keyboard Skin AGAIN !!!!

+ Its now with cute foldered menu view,.

+ Extended ROM now Unlocked !!!

Here are some of her look,.

Known bug:

Cute isn't it? Interested? Download it then,.


Mediafire -> Thanks Varanusvincent

Here is the upgrade procedure,.
1. Enter BootLoader menu (by pressing "Action button + Reset button")
2. Connect XDA ATOM to PC using USB cable
3. Run "Update.exe" (located in "Kumara WM 6.1 Last Present" folder)
4. Perform Hard Reset when it finished

Well, this is not a perfect ROM, but this ROM could make you call anyone or send message to anyone,.
and If you found that this ROM is buggy, feel free to report / share it,.
Finally, if you dont like it, then remove it,.

Special Thanks:
+ abusalza -- For accompany me as indonesian user, and for everything,.
+ Varanusvincent as always,.
+ my ATOM -- That i dont have it anymore,.

---------- Well, this is my cutest and best release as long as i have my ATOM ----------

............ ???? Just Good Luck,. ENJOY YOUR SPEEDY WM 6.1 ATOM!!!


dopod p800w

XDA Atom

- Kumara WM 6.1 Last Present -


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