The Ins And Outs Of Japanese Modern Culture

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The Ins And Outs Of Japanese Modern Culture Empty The Ins And Outs Of Japanese Modern Culture

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The Ins And Outs Of Japanese Modern Culture Isse

The Ins And Outs Of Japanese Modern Culture

Back then Japan was still sort of in a hermit stage wherein
they just tend to keep to themselves after World War II and
didn’t really participated in global trade as well as
in other global activities. However, as they were slowly but
surely coming out of their shell the Japanese people have
started opening up to the idea of welcoming global trade on
their shores, thus, the emergence of a new and modern Japan.
Now the popularity of both traditional as well as Japanese
modern culture is widely evident in the Western world, just
take for example the film Memoirs of a Geisha, which was the
screen adaptation of the best-selling book of the same title.
Japanese modern culture intrigues a lot of people, most especially
westerners who look up to their funky fashion statements and
ingenious technical gadgets.
The funky street style of the Harajuku district has gotten
a strong following from people all over the world –
with the fashion savvy, Japanese pop inspired outfits of these
Japanese kids, they’ve been able to liberate other people
and help them celebrate their own uniqueness. Pop singer Gwen
Stefani actually has been strongly influenced by Harajuku
street style and even paraded around Hollywood with her Japanese
Harujuku kids posse.
As far as haute couture goes, modern Japan has the world
famous designer Issey Miyake to boast of. His line of clothes
has a clean and classy feel to it, which makes him a staple
in the annual fashion weeks all over the world. Popular Japanese
cosmetics brand Shu Uemura has been a common product in every
fashionista’s makeup kit and their eyelash curler is
still the best selling one in the world. Luxury brand, Louis
Vuitton has also tapped the services of popular artist Murakami
to help them make their signature bags have a fresher and
youthful look. The white monogrammed “Murakami”
inspired bags also took the world by storm. On top of these
celebrated fashion icons, Tokyo is also one of the world’s
fashion capitals, along with Paris, Milan and New York. Indeed
Japanese modern culture is certainly not just about a booming
economy but a place wherein unique Japanese creativity and
high-class fashion mix.
Japanese anime is also what makes of the ever dynamic world
of Japanese modern culture wherein people were treated to
the funny and adorable antics of the Pokemon monsters –
most especially the yellow Pikachu then there’s the
cuddly Doraemon and the “queen of all things cute”,
Hello Kitty. From cartoon characters, to video games to comic
books as well as various other forms of commercial merchandise
– even endorsements, these unique Japanese characters
are all here to stay and are a big part of Japanese modern

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