A Quick Look At Japanese History

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A Quick Look At Japanese History Empty A Quick Look At Japanese History

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A Quick Look At Japanese History His01

A Quick Look At Japanese History

Japanese history is certainly very rich and colorful; it
has its share of both dark and golden times. Its origin is
based on the legend about eh sun goddess where the emperors
of Japan are said to have descended. The first Japanese emperor,
Jimmu is said to have come from that royal lineage back in
660 B.C. and this tradition carried on and became official
not until the year 1945.
The early recordings about Japanese history began around
400 A.D. from the Yamato clan who were based in the city of
Kyoto. As far as Japanese history goes, the Yamato clan was
able to rule over the other Japanese clans in both western
and central Japan.
According to Japanese history, their close relationship with
Korea has brought about the introduction of Buddhism to the
country all throughout the 700s but China was the one who
influenced Japan greatly. In fact, the Chinese imperial court
is what inspired that Yamato clan to set up their very own
imperial court in Japan. However, as clan wars continued all
over Japan, the imperial court was able to fully dominate
in Japan.
The emergence of the warrior clans, such as the samurai has
also played a big role in Japanese history. Back in the year
1192, a military government was set up by the Minamoto clan
and was lead by Yoritomo. According to Japanese history, Yorimoto
was the so-called shogun or the military dictator who ruled
over Japan while the imperial courts still existed, it hid
itself from the people most especially its enemies
like the samurai clan.
The Japanese people first came in contact with the Westerners
back in the year 1542 where a Portuguese ship have gotten
off course and have been able to make their way to Japanese
shores. After that, the Japanese people have been getting
more and more visitors from tourists, Jesuit missionaries
to Spanish, Dutch as well as English traders. Unfortunately,
the Japanese leaders felt threatened by the presence of these
foreigners and doubted their sincerity, which led to the revolt
of the shoguns back in the Tokugawa period in 1603 up to the
year 1867. All attempts by foreigners to continue trading
with Japan have all failed with the exemption of a Dutch trading
post in Nagasaki. The Shogun system was quickly abolished
after it failed to protect the interest of the Japanese people
after the Westerners led by Matthew Perry were able to embark
on trade with the Japanese people but with the Japanese people
left on the loosing end of the trade.
After that, Japan has acquired a new system of ruling and
rose to modern power where the country was able to establish
an imperial army and a parliamentary form of government was
formed back in 1889.

A Quick Look At Japanese History Asami02

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