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Popular Japanese Food For Everyone Sushi01

Popular Japanese Food For Everyone

Aside from the perennial use of chopsticks while eating,
there’s really so much more to Japanese food that just
eating raw fish or breaded food. Aside from being considered
as “relatively healthy food”, the preparation
that goes into cooking Japanese food is also pretty much thought
of as an art. Apart from highly skilled Japanese chefs, traditional
Japanese cooking has also been mastered by common housewives
who’ve been taught by their mothers early on how to
prepare traditional Japanese food.
One such famous type of Japanese food is the Okinawan style
of cooking wherein the food tends to be spicier and have stronger
flavors unlike other kinds of Japanese food. These characteristics
of the Okinawan dishes are highly attributed to the great
influence that the Chinese passed on to how dishes are prepared.
Pork is the main ingredient in this specialty, whether it
be the pig’s feet, the pig’s ears or even the
pig’s tripe, they will all add that up to a delicious
Okinawan dish.
Using seafood is also highly popular Japanes food ingredients.
Several local vegetables and fruits are also added to the
dish. As for the flavor of these dishes, the Japanese like
to use what they call as awamori, which is an Okinawan alcohol
that is made from rice, black sugar is also commonly used
as well as soy sauce and miso. As for the usual marinating
ingredients, the alcohol awamori is mixed up with a spicy
condiment that is known as kooreegesu.
As for the style of cooking, stir-frying is the most common
method of cooking Japanese food. Common dishes like Okinawan
chanpuru is a stir fried dish that is actually the combination
of leeks, tofu, eggs as well as a lot of other fresh ingredients.
There are actually a lot of different types of chanpuru dish;
it just depends on your taste.
The Japanese dish known as the rafuti is what they call pork
stewed in miso soup with soy sauce, awamori and sugar. This
dish has a Chinese counterpart known as the kakuni. There’s
also the toofuyoo a Japanese tofu-based dish that is high
on flavor and is usually eaten with alcoholic drinks.
For those who are feeling less adventurous, there’s
the Western style taco rice – where instead of the taco
shell, the Japanese uses rice to hold the ingredients of the
Here are some unique alternatives to the popular Japanese
dishes that you may want to try out:
Yakisoba – these are thick noodles that are stir fried
along with some vegetables as well as some pieces of meat.
This dish is usually sweet and spicy to the taste.
Popular Japanese Food For Everyone Yakisoba
Saataa andagi – these are doughnuts that hail all the
way from the Okinawa district of Japan.
Popular Japanese Food For Everyone Sata-andagi001
Hiijaa sashimi – for those who want to try a different
kind of sashimi try this one which is made out of raw goat
Datemaki – sweet fish paste that has a sponge-like texture
this is often prepared for special occasions such as the osechi
or the Japanese New Year.

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