The Growing Popularity of Japanese Anime

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The Growing Popularity of Japanese Anime Empty The Growing Popularity of Japanese Anime

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The Growing Popularity of Japanese Anime

Highly known for their great artistry, the Japanese people
have been well known in coming up with very creative Japanese
animation or Japanese anime. The unique characters, entertaining
story line and the cuteness factor of it all is enough to
make anyone just love Japanese anime – even if they
can’t speak nor understand a word of it.
Lots of Japanese anime, from cartoons, movies up to Japanese
manga (comic books) have already been translated in a lot
of different languages so that the fans from all parts of
the globe will be able to enjoy and understand these colorful
Japanese creations. For those who think of Japanese anime
are just a fad, think again. In Japan you will get used to
seeing these lovable characters all over the city. From your
train tickets to food stubs, Japanese anime is a constant
reminder of the Japanese love for creativity and unique artistry.

Here are some of the most popular figures in the industry
of Japanese anime:
The Pokemon phenomenon has certainly not just swept away
the people of Japan but people from the whole world as well.
These cute creatures have been very popular and their creators
has certainly taken advantage of this worldwide phenomenon
and marketed them off in various ways. From a cartoon series
to trading cards to movies and even video games, it has certainly
been able to generate lots of money for Nintendo.
Pikachu, the ever-lovable yellow Pokemon has gotten the most
attention out of all the many Pokemon characters. With his
cute voice, he has certainly been able to win the hearts of
many fans – both children and adults alike. Unlike other
cartoons wherein there’s so much violence involved,
children and parents alike love the fact that even though
these Pokemon monsters fight, no one really dies, they just
faint, it is certainly a nice change from all those violence
induced programs that can be a bad influence to kids.
There are already around 150 monsters in the list of Pokemon
monsters and as the list goes on as more and more people get
addicted to the show as well as in Pokemon trading cards.

Another popular fixture in Japanese anime is Hello Kitty,
ever since her debut decades ago. This adorable feline has
been able to win the hearts of so many people – most
especially young girls as well as those who are young at heart.
Popular fans include pop singer Mariah Carey and other celebrities
like Cameron Diaz who has been seen sporting Hello Kitty accessories.
Cute and cuddly Hello Kitty has been making people smile for
over 25 years already but her mother company, Sanrio is always
quick to update people with new Hello Kitty products to prevent
people from forgetting about this Japanese wonder. This Japanese
anime is so huge and popular that Hello Kitty actually inspired
a whole theme park for all those who love not just Hello Kitty
but her equally adorable Sanrio friends like Little Twin Stars,
Kerokeroppi and Peckle. Sanrio Puroland can be found in Tama
City, which is not that far from Tokyo.
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