How to Travel in Japan on a Strict Budget

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How to Travel in Japan on a Strict Budget Empty How to Travel in Japan on a Strict Budget

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How to Travel in Japan on a Strict Budget
Tired of going to the same old theme parks and sandy
beaches? Want to spend your vacation somewhere unique
and urban but still has a kick of good old-fashioned
culture? Then Japan is the perfect place for you to
try and visit.
Unfortunately, a lot of people get the impression that
it is really expensive to not just go to Japan, but
to spend a vacation there would cost a fortune. Shopping
in Japan is not the only thing thatís expensive,
but expenses start piling up the moment you buy your
plane ticket down to ordering Japanese food. But for
those who have an itch for seeing the world and are
natural wanderlusts, there is an alternative fun yet
cheap way to be able to travel to Japan, Hereís
Letís first start with your plane ticket to Japan,
there are various agencies from which you will be able
to get really good deals at very reasonable prices.
Donít purchase the first plane tickets that you
checked out, try to look around just to make sure that
you get the cheapest and best possible deal. There are
actually a lot of traveling agencies out there that
can provide you with cheap plane tickets to Japan. Just
log on the Internet and search for websites where you
will can compare packages, discounts and other special
offers. Just be warned that some websites who can really
offer low rates arenít usually written in English
but you can just give them a call in case you want to
clear out some things before you start booking for your
flight. The term Satogaeri means flights, which will
come from the US while Otiose means flights that will
be coming from Japan. Make sure you got that all cleared
Once youíre finally in Japan, you might want
to reconsider how you will be able to go around this
very dynamic place. Traveling by plane is quite expensive
here so you might just want to try and be accustomed
riding the local train, which can help you, get to all
sorts of places at a very reasonable price. However,
you might want to try to learn a bit of Japanese language
before you travel to Japan since a lot of people donít
really know how to speak in English and the signs might
get really confusing for you.
The Shinkansen or the bullet train has Japan Rail passes
available for those who want to save on their commuting
costs since it can last you for a week at $250 and can
be used for most of the Japanese trains such as the
Tokkyuu or the express trains and the Shinkansen. However,
you will not be able to use the Japan Rail Pass for
the subway.
You must also remember that you need to purchase your
train passes before you leave the United States for
Japan because these are not available in Japan, just
check out the internet in order to purchase some.
Another good choice for traveling around Japan is to
use the overnight buses which can set you back at around
8,500 yen Ė 14,000 yen wherein you will be able
to go to far away destinations without the hassle of
paying for hotel accommodations anymore.
Hotel accommodations can also come cheaper during the
off-peak seasons. If you want to get cheaper rates on
hotels better check out various travel agencies that
can offer discount packages. You can also save up some
money if you opt to stay in aparthotels, which can give
you pretty much the same relaxed and friendly atmosphere
of a hotel.
Remember that traveling does entail some expenses,
but with just the right amount of practicality and preparation,
you can get to enjoy Japan without shelling out a fortune.
Do your homework and do some research. Fortunately,
you will stumble into something that would make your
stay in Japan enjoyable and memorable.

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