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The Big Industry Of Japanese TV Games Empty The Big Industry Of Japanese TV Games

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The Big Industry Of Japanese TV Games

Japanese TV games, or more popularly known as video games
is a very big and equally lucrative industry not just in Japan
but also in the entire world. The Japanese is known to produce
highly creative and cutting edge Japanese TV games for so
many years now. This multi-billion dollar industry is growing
stronger and stronger every year without any signs of slowing
down. Even though the Japanese TV game industry is highly
competitive, it’s only a close second to the US video
game industry as the largest in the whole world.
The developers of these Japanese TV games are known the world
over for always being in the forefront of the gaming industry.
They were the ones who gave the world cult video game hits
such as Pac Man, Final Fantasy and the adorable super Italian
plumber, Super Mario and his skinny brother Luigi. Backed
by the Japanese’s ability to create such innovative
and high-tech gadgets, they have also been able to wow the
world with crafty gaming gadgets that bring the whole Japanese
TV games industry to whole new level. Japanese gaming giants
such as Nintendo and Sony continue to dominate the gaming
industry as far as gadgets and game consoles go.
The emergence of the Internet has provided these gaming industry
giants to take advantage of this technology by incorporating
it with their business strategies. Today, there has been the
rapid growth of the various gaming communities that can be
found over the internet wherein these die hard gaming fanatics
not only get to play with their fellow gamers from all over
the world, they also get to help each other out by giving
tips on how to play the games and share the latest news on
the hottest Japanese TV games. These online gaming communities
are also an excellent way for gaming giants such as Nintendo
and Sony to promote their newest products as well as test
drive their soon to be released video games by tying up with
these online gaming sites. A popular trend in the people participating
in the online gaming communities is the emergence of the popular
MMORPGs or the Massive Multi-Player Online Role-Playing Game
– this is especially popular with the young and tech-savvy
crowd in South Korea wherein there are millions of gaming
players logging on each day.
The four most popular video game developers in Japan are
Namco Bandai Holdings, Konami, Sega Sammy Holdings and Nintendo
Co. Ltd wherein Nintendo which is the oldest, is also biggest
out of the four gaming super powers and is also the majority
stock holder of the company Seattle Mariners while Sega had
its origins from a company called Standard Games which was
originally an American company but ever since it moved to
Japan it went by the name Service Games of Japan from which
what we now know as Sega was born.

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