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Splinter Cell patch v1.1 Empty Splinter Cell patch v1.1

Post by Admin on Mon Nov 05, 2007 12:27 pm

The promised first patch for Splinter Cell is now available, bringing
the North American edition of the brand-new single-player stealth
action game by Ubi Soft Montreal to version 1.1. Word is this patch
"will make the game look better, fix some corner cases AI bugs and also
give you faster FPS," as detailed in the accompanying release notes.
Ubi Soft Entertainment




(c) Ubi Soft 2002


The patch fixes the following bugs:

* RenderingModeNormal.cpp: Fix Radeon 9700 rendering issue with double sided reflective transparent surfaces.

* ETexSFX.utx: Fix "static wall/floor fire" texture issue + water quality issue.

* UnShadowProjector.cpp: Fix visibility issue with dynamic actor being
clipped by the visibility engine and still being rendered because of
the static shadow texture cache. Massive performance improvement on
shadow filtering by removing 5 passes from the filtering algorithm.

* ETexEGO.utx: Fix reflection issue on moving vehicles in Chinese 2 (Feirong limo and Unimog truck).

* 0_0_2_Training.scl: Fix projector not associated to light
gameplay object and causing detection (lightmeter) in the first gun

* EButterfly.uc: Butterfly is now a soft body actor to disable
the static shadow texture cache when a butterfly is in a projector

* EFish.uc: Fish is now a soft body actor to disable the static shadow texture cache when a fish is in a projector range.

* EPCSoundConfigArea.uc: Fix a bug with the real time sound
slider when one of the slider was set to 0 then playing until a map
transition happened, then all sounds sliders were reset to zero.

* UnRenderVisibility.cpp: Software light beam rendering is now
used by any card unable to render the shadow buffer algorithm to allow
for the GF2MaxDistance parameter to take effect.

* Most maps: General design quality improvement with shadows.

Source : 3D Gamers

Download : Mirror

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